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  1. the translate is not good to spanish. OTS in Duster of 2010 -only- with ESP . All Duster or only in Romania? (I assume that is in all) Problem with the brakes Recall or change in the official maintenance??? Mulţumesc
  2. Dacia Duster in offroad ... kte_Duster
  3. Dacia Duster hybrid - Duster Electricway 4WD

    The concept car, first time presented in this paper --Logan ECO EV--, was developed based on the mechanical platform of Dacia Logan and is under construction thanks to a financial aid granted by the Romanian Ministry of Education, Research and Innovation [2] and the technical help of the Dacia – Group Renault that has the plant near Pitesti. 7. Conclusion The ECO EV (ECOlogic Electric Vehicle) project in development in the new Alternative Propulsion System & Renewable Energies laboratory part of Automotive Engineering Research Centre, University of Pitesti is an experimental platform for research electric propulsion system for the urban automobiles. ... er-153.pdf
  4. Dacia Duster hybrid - Duster Electricway 4WD

    the "Facultatea de Mecanica si Inginerie de la Universitatea din Pitesti" work with Dacia in a hybrid car? Or only is a studio of the Universitate as the Sandero Hamster Electricway 4wd, Logan ECO GNV (solar), the Grand Sandero Hybrid, or Dacia Electra? Future Dacia with this system? "Facultatea de Mecanica si Inginerie de la Universitatea din Pitesti", lucru cu Dacia intr-o masina hibrid? Sau doar este un studio de Universitate ca Hamster Electricway 4wd Sandero, Logan ECO GNV (solar), Grand Sandero Hybrid, sau Electra Dacia? Dacia viitoare cu acest sistem?
  5. Scut diferential, Scut motor pentru DACIA DUSTER
  6. Dacia Duster - culori disponibile

    Brazil/Argentina ... edirects=0
  7. Name:Taubenreuther: kit winch and Rhino Rack kit winch 919 € Rhino Rack Sportz Träger, 222€ More Taubenreuther
  8. scut aluminu duster

    VGB 4x4 ... 0/0000.jpg (big pic)
  9. Hello from Germany

    Hi Stepuhr, as Montañes in dustercommunity
  10. I would like visit Romania in the future... But in a few more years
  11. nice pics! nice event! poze frumos! eveniment frumos!