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  1. ... uster.html 4 x 55 Watt, total 550 Watt Regards S.
  2. I´ve posted your pictures at ... n#msg87736 Regards S.
  3. LOOK HERE My Lightbar is mounted. I´m on Holiday this week Reg. S.
  4. Thank You very much. Best Regards stepuhr - MOD
  5. Yes, I know. Thank you for these fantastic pictures I´m living in Blackforest near France, but as you write: we cannot drive where we want, but i´ve some places where i can drive offroad. Unfortunately, not so wonderful mountains and tracks and a lot of laws. In September i will drive for one week to Switzerland, there are equal tracks where i can "use" my Duster. I´ve had driven these Switzerland-Offroad-Tracks with my former LR Defender and my former G-461, both heavy-weight-modification. I'm curious how the Duster makes itself in the Swiss mountains ?? Maybe, i will ask som
  6. Thank you for the invitation but from here the distance is about 1800 Km one-way. I´ve some business that doesn´t allow me to be away for a week. Besides: My Duster is not a long trip vehicle I Prefer to use him offroad Regards S.
  7. thanks, its an applied foil, a novelty with stainless steel cut structure. in the sun and from close it looks like raw polished stainless steel. The orange applicatoons are also matte-coated foil, the rims are powder coated, the Wheel centercovers and trailer hitch are painted. and some rumor that the driver is a little crazy Regards S.
  8. Hi Dusters, sorry to write here but I'm german and do understand only few words of Romanian I am Owner of a Duster DCi 110 Prestige with a lot of accessories. My Car you can watch HERE. My car is modificated for Offroad with nearly all accessories that are allowed by the german TÜV. Next week we mount a lightbar with 4 Spotligths. I´m also Moderator of the DUSTERcommunity Sorry, if the post might be wrong formatted, its a little difficult in romanian Regards, stepuhr
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