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  1. hello there. so after some time i managed to post an update to this - sorry for delay . i have my car fixed now, but it took some time. i have been using it with that ABS/ESP malfunction for almost half a year (no serious issue for me anyway). the problem was a crack in iron gear ring near wheel on the left rear axis (see attached pictures). this piece is used to determine how fast the wheel is rotating and this information passes to the control unit. as far the readings from sensors were faulty, the control unit turned off some drive assistance electronic systems. first i have tried to fix it in dacia service, but they proposed to replace whole halfaxis (this was the smallest possible replaceable part available to order) and estimated total cost of repair to about 500 eur. this is way too much money for fixing such small crack in simple iron ring. So i decided not to fix it for the moment and ask few guys around to give me a hint for a clever mechanic. i found one and he was able to machine this part from a raw iron plate in one evening (costs me 60 eur). the ring was replaced and since then i am having no issues for more than 1000+ km. i hope this could possibly help some of you with similar problem like i had. have a nice drive, Juraj
  2. not yet. am still kind of busy to leave the car in service for whole day. anyway, i will have to change the oil soon, maybe also switch tires too. so then i sort it out altogether ...and let you know.
  3. thanks for reply.... of course i have service manual already with all error codes listed in it and corresponding descriptions. the only thing i need to know now is the code of the error I believe that one friend of mine has this cable and some laptop program. I guess i am going to visit him in near future
  4. hi again ! during my journey to find out what is actually wrong with my duster, I have borrowed ELM327 bluetooth module and tried to read error codes using app torque. i selected "show logged faults" option, but that thing tells me that no errors are recorded .. so all OK . I don't need to tell you guys how much i was disappointed. at the same time the icons were shining on me like on picture i attached in the first post, so there is definitely something wrong maybe i am using that gadget in wrong way. can you somebody guide me how to successfully use this module in order to work properly with dacia duster ? BR, JS
  5. @danielcojocar so i don't forget to make point also about your recommendation where you are suggesting that it could be overheating of some kind. let me explain: it doesn't matter how high the temperature is or how long i am driving. Only when conditions i described before are met (speed 90+ and straight road for about 20+ seconds), the lights shows up. In the city where the speed doesn't exceed 70 there i can drive for whole day without any problem ....making all parts of a car really HOT... For example: the photo I have posted yesterday was from morning 1-2 minutes after i started the engine and met those driving conditions. you can also see from the picture that the engine was completely cold, the temperature outside was about -10C. well... i barely can believe this is caused by overheating of any kind ....of course i am not denying your theory in the first place. could be that my car's condition can possibly lead to overheating (in some rare case), but i am 100% sure that no temperature sensor could ever trigger this "warning". Moreover i have been driving really long distances without noticing anything special like smoke, smell, noise, oil leak or whatsoever. All seems just normal, except the fact that those bloody icons are constantly appearing and i can't tell what does it exactly mean (and that gives me real uncomfortable feeling ) live long and prosper, Juraj
  6. hi guys ! Thanks for all your answers so far. Can you reveal what your sources are ? Do you have some kind of service manual with list of "error codes" ? I have just my user's manual and about this particular or very similar icon combination states that this could be cause by: 1. bad front/back wheels ratio (could disappear when tires are changed) 2. or malfunction "somewhere" in electronics 3. nothing else really well... all those answers are pretty general so there is nothing left for me besides of visiting service(2nd option) or just wait (1st option). My secret guess was that it is the one with tires not equally worn off or maybe "some" sensor failure. As i said... just guesses. I was hoping that there is some magic "book of codes" here around and i will be able to find out >>>exactly<<< where problem is @timekruzer: also according to the manual all those really critical warnings with strong recommendation of visiting service were almost always combination of lights where red "motor" or "exclamation mark" icons were displayed. All others looked kinda like warnings or indication of just one particular issue (like exhaust filter full warning or oil exchange needed - some of those straight forward indications). In my case it is not a first neither second option. Moreover, I have also tested ABS, ESP and 4WD functionality on slow speeds. All was working perfectly, so i had no serious reason to worry, as all my previous cars were not equipped with ABS nor ESP and I drove them safely for ages. Kind Regards, Juraj
  7. Hello fellow experts. I hope you can help me with my issue. My Duster is 1,5 dci + ESP, 4x4 and was manufactured in 2011. Detailed description on how and when those warning lights are appearing: For more than a month, every time I drive steadily on higher speeds (90 km/h and more), 4 lights appeared as shown in attached picture. Then it keeps shining on me until the next stop-start of engine plus I have to move the car for another about 50 meters after a fresh start - just after then the lights turns off. Worse is that when it lights-up as i described, ABS and ESP is not working during that time. Also it is not possible to switch to 4x4. After some days of checking, I noticed first lights that appears are ABS and ESP icons altogether, then about 2-3 seconds after also 2WD and a "wire" icon lights-up. It is important to tell one more time that this only happens when I am driving on higher speeds and the driving is steady without significant steering (e.g. on long straight roads or highways). This does not happen on low speeds. After checking the user's manual, I have found a part where is written that this could be caused by differently worn-off tires or incorrectly pressurized tires. First thing i checked right away was the pressure, it was all correct. After about a week later i exchanged front wheels for rear wheels and vice-versa to ensure wearing off will become more even. After doing this, I was expecting that these warning lights will disappear after week or two. It doesn't happen, and today it is more than a month without any change. Do you have somebody similar experience as I do ? Does anyone know what this combination of lights really means and what could help to sort it out ? Or maybe .... do you have guys some detailed service manual where these information could be found ? (preferably in English ) Thank you very much in advance for every answer. Regards, Juraj
  8. Hi guys... I am using google translate to read Romanian here. Well if I understand it correctly, then I have exactly the same problem. Plastic-like vibrations on the left side (driver's side) of the dashboard. It appears somewhere between 1700-1900 rpm. engine is 1.5 dci 110 HP. This is the only "bug" of this car so far I guess that some of you have solved it already. Could you please someone describe what to fix or what screw to turn to eliminate the vibrating noise ? If you are able to attach photo - it would be really great. Thank you very much. Regards, Juraj
  9. Si acum un pic de ON TOPIC, Manual de reparatie in engleza: ... 9_D381.rar Great job ! indeed Thanks
  10. Hi mr. Admin(s), Is it at least partly possible to choose different language for forum interface, menus, etc... ? I'd prefer English for example It's real pain to "google-translate" every single word before every single click. As far as I know, phpBB should have some localization features including interface language option in the profile settings, but I couldn't find it here. Thanks for your reply... Juraj
  11. ... lepsi.html
  12. Hi everyone, Does anybody have an English user's guide. I am also looking for electricity connection layouts. Regards...
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