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  1. Hi there! Thank you for the quick answers. The car came mid december to my dealer. So I thin that the car was build between the 01.12.2011 (04:59) and 02.12.2011 (08:57). I dont know how long it takes to build 1 car completely. But for me it seems possible. I was looking for a new car since last summer. in my neighbourhood there is a renault/dacia dealer. I saw the Duster and directly falled in love with that car. I took 3 chances to drive the Duster and felt absolutely "at home" in this car. I was surprised about how good the Duster is driving! 2 weeks ago there where some spe
  2. Hello I got your adress from dustercommunity in germany. The server in germany is broken, so we can not contact there now.... On friday I will get my new Duster. I got the papers from production which are sticked outside the car during the car gets build. can someone answer my questions about that? There are 3 dates on that papers. The first is: TIP VEHICULORA CAPTJ MONTAJ 04 59 the second is: DATA CAPTAJ MONTAJ 01 12 11 and the third is: DATA (ora) prev. MADC 02 12 08 57 Can someone tell me what these dates and times exactly mean? I wish you a goo
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