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  1. Hi folks, i will be back to Timisoara on the 25th of August. Maybe we can arrange a small Dutermeeting at the brewery vis a vis of my hotel.
  2. Hi dr. Dumi I just picked it up at the dealer in Timisoara. Be often there due to my job. They had it on stock. So it was very easy for me. Just a 20 mns walk form the hotel over there, but it was raining
  3. The armrest is mounted and my creditcard ammount told me 95€ for it. About 25€ cheaper than in germany. Thank you for your help
  4. Will arriving hopefully on the 22nd on midday, leaving next morning to return on midday on the 23rd. Leaving on the 24th early in the morning. So we will see.... Keep you informed Mekkes
  5. Good morning, That will be great.... . Thank you. Have a awesome weekend. Mekkes
  6. Ghank you for your answers. It will be ~112€...... So I will be in October for a few days at Timisoara. Mabe I will buy it at Romania so I have to save 20€ I guess I have to order it for my visit. Thanx
  7. Hi, I've got a question. Should be the prices for accessories and spare parts cheaper in romania or will it be the same like in germany? I'm looking for the middle armrest for my Duster. Thank you for your answers Mekkes
  8. Thank you for that wonderful tutorial. Just a question, did you impement the Unika Adapter aswell?? Thank you Mekkes